Skimboard Pakalolo Tribe S/M


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Skimboard Pakalolo Tribe S/M

Skimboard designed for teenagers as well as adults.

The board is light and easy to use.

A board designed for beginners

intermediate and advanced.

The Twintip skimboard is perfect for freestyle and makes it easy to perform complex maneuvers.

PAKALOLO skimboards are made of selected wood of the highest quality, thermoformed to obtain the appropriate stiffness and profile. Covered with a multilayer, abrasion and water resistant polyurethane coating.

The twintip shape eliminates the concept of a skim bow and stern, and the symmetrical profile gives the board the right elasticity and high pop. Thanks to the rounded edge of the bottom of the board, the life of the skim in contact with the elements on which you perform stunts is significantly increased.

If you are a fan of skimboarding or want to start your adventure with this sport, then Pakalolo The Beast Twintip is definitely for you 🙂 and will allow you to have a great time on the beach.

Symmetric Rocker – the board has a symmetrical profile that gives the board the right elasticity and high pop.

Transparent Grip – special anti-slip, on board provides maximum grip for your feet just like on a skateboard, so it’s time to play with wax.

Smooth Rail – the edge of the bottom of the board is gently rounded, minimizing resistance to jibbing and significantly extending the life of the edge of the board.

Twintip boards gained a wider nose and tail to improve their riding characteristics in slightly deeper water.
The core of the board since 2012 consists of 3 layers of plywood arranged longitudinally, which significantly improves the rigidity of the profile (better control of the board on boxes and rails).

The Twintip S/M is a youth model that enables fast progress for ambitious and beginner riders weighing up to 55kg.

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