HawaiiLoca – women’s sweatshirt with a double-layer hood




Women's lifestyle sweatshirt with a spacious two-layer hood.


The #HawaiiLoca model is a loose sweatshirt with a motif of colorful Hawaiian flowers and plants and a symbolic surfer girl placed on the left chest. It symbolizes its owner's passion for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wing foil, so eagerly practiced in Hawaii, the native Hel and more! 

It also reflects the relaxed style and lifestyle cultivated by the inhabitants of the islands, frequenters of our peninsula, well-deserved relaxation (after water madness) on beautiful beaches and colorful groves.   

The HawaiiLoca model dazzles with beautiful pastel colors! It is definitely a year-round proposition for all #chillocagirls who love this type of shades. Floral motifs are placed on the inner layer of the hood, on the sleeves, cuffs and the lower part of this oversized sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is equipped with two deep pockets, which (according to the assumption of attention to detail) are also finished with a pattern of colorful Hawaiian flowers inside.

#HawaiiLoca is not only eye-catching, colorful patterns, but also a combination of valued comfort and quality of workmanship!

A decisive attribute is the flexible material from a selected Polish manufacturer from which #HawaiiLoca was created.

Knitted foam (weight 450g/m) is a material consisting of three layers: bottom and top, and a filling with a thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm. The filling layer makes the fabric thick and warm, and at the same time very light and elastic.

Its advantage is:
thermal comfort

plasticity, softness and elasticity

smoothness & density

resistance to deformation during use

modernity & comfort

Composition: 85% breathable Polyester / 15% Elastane

The sweatshirt should be washed at a maximum temperature. 30 degrees, do not spin. If necessary, steam iron from a distance of 20 cm.

#HawaiiLoca with a carefully developed design allows its owner extraordinary freedom of movement.

The cut of the sleeves has been lowered to the level of the forearm, and at the end - an additional element - a thumb hole, very liked by active #chillocagirls in this type of clothing. The thumbhole is located on the wide cuff.

The back of the sweatshirt is semi-circular and slightly longer, which further protects its owner against cold and wind. The inner seams are finished with additional piping.

This pastel sweatshirt is a perfect, year-round proposition for fans of broadly understood madness, girls who like floral and surfer motifs, fans of expressive wardrobe elements and active girls and women who want to stand out every day, on cooler summer days - in holiday spots and on the streets. cities. The sweatshirt goes perfectly with trousers such as skinny jeans, leggings, jeans, tracksuits, shorts and snowboard and ski clothes. As you can see in the attached pictures - our offer includes double-sided shorts to be combined, with the same Hawaiian pattern on one of their sides.

As the main goal of chilloca is to support local businesses - the #HawaiiLoca sweatshirt and the rest of our proposals are made in selected Polish sewing factories and printing houses, and accessories (hood strings, tags) are ordered from Polish producers.


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