MeltingLoca women’s sweatshirt with a three-panel hood



Women's lifestyle sweatshirt with a three-panel hood


#MeltingLoca is an over-the-head sweatshirt with a print of melting ice cream with the flavor of pomegranate and chocolate with fruit sprinkles.


#MeltingLoca expresses the joy and sympathy of its owner for the summer season and is associated with carefree holidays, holidays, heat cooled by delicacies typical of this time of year.

The #MeltingLoca model is inspired by summer delicacies and associations, but serves as a year-round proposition for active girls and women who focus on juicy and expressive wardrobe motifs, evoking memories such as holidays, joyful moments, experiences, beloved waffles, ice cream, holidays, trips. – SUMMER!



#MeltingLoca is not only a sweatshirt with bold and bold prints in colors that suit any type of beauty, but also a combination of valued comfort and quality of workmanship.


#MeltingLoca with a specially designed structure allows its owner freedom of movement. Raglan sleeves with an additional element at the ends - a thumb hole, appreciated by many girls and women in this type of clothing. The opening is placed on a long cuff in the color of the ice cream sprinkles. The waffle-colored lower hem is made of the same fabric as the rest of the sweatshirt.


Original shape of a 3-panel hood with a wide strip around the perimeter. The hood is finished inside with an additional layer of material in a pink shade resembling the color of the ice cream coating.

The 9 cm high collar protects against the wind both when wearing the #MeltingLoca model on colder days - in seaside towns and in the urban jungle - CHICA/CHILL/LOCA


#MeltingLoca is made of selected material (100% micro sport polyester) from a Polish manufacturer. Its properties:



#MeltingLoca is equipped with 2 unfastened pockets, embedded in the side seams of the sweatshirt.


On the side, on the lower cuff, there is a jacquard label (2.5x5cm) with the brand logo.


As one of Chilloca's many assumptions is to support local businesses - #MeltingLoca and the rest of our proposals - are created by Polish sewing and printing houses, and the mentioned accessories are ordered from Polish producers.


Available in sizes S/M/L/XL, the size chart is visible next to the photo gallery. 

IMPORTANT!! We recommend measuring yourself carefully as this high-quality material is not stretchy due to the printing!

Some women in our models of sweatshirts without a zipper (tailored sweatshirts) choose a size larger than they usually wear. The sweatshirts have relatively long sleeves.
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