SeasideLoca – women’s cotton sweatshirt



SeasideLoca is a two-color cotton sweatshirt, made of fabric with two unique colors!

This colorful proposition is addressed to fans of light cotton sweatshirts, but in a crazier version! 

The originality of this product is given by elements welded using the DTF method, referring to the seaside climate, as the name SeasideLoca suggests.

The most impressive thing is the back of the sweatshirt. The pastel, lighter part symbolizes the beach, hence the added shells and seagulls, while the darker side depicting the rough sea contains illustrations reflecting the underwater world: a seahorse, fish, a mermaid!

The front of the sweatshirt is also original - on the left chest there is a subversive inscription (containing the logo) read from the bottom: meet me/ at the/ chilloca/ beach/ and/ waves. In the lower right corner, on the darker part of the sweatshirt (an interesting shade of purple), there are consistently colorful waves. 

#SeasideLoca is a great proposition for summer and trips to the water due to the leading motifs of the product! It can also be used all year round, complementing many styles and showing its owner's love for seaside travels!

In addition to visual effects, this sweatshirt is definitely a combination of valued comfort and quality of workmanship, which is what we focus on when creating the brand's proposition.

#SeasideLoca is made of pleasant and light cotton knitwear (weight 240) from a leading Polish manufacturer.


Looped sweatshirt with elastane - 92% cotton, 8% elastane with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate.

The sweatshirt should be washed at a maximum temperature. 30 degrees. If necessary, iron on the wrong side (due to the presence of welded-in prints).

#JuicyVibesLoca with a specially designed structure allows its owner freedom of movement. 

The cut of the sleeves has been deliberately lowered, giving this model a loose style. 

There is an additional element on the wide cuffs - a thumb hole, very liked and appreciated by you in this type of clothing.

The bottom of the sweatshirt is also finished with a relatively wide cuff, which can be easily raised or lowered depending on the owner's preferences.

It goes perfectly with chill-out shorts, as well as skirts and trousers such as skinny jeans, leggings, jeans, and tracksuits.

As one of the brand's assumptions is to support local businesses - the #JuicyVibesLoca sweatshirt and the rest of our proposals - are made in selected Polish sewing and printing houses, and accessories such as labels are ordered from Polish producers.

Available in three sizes S/M/L.

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