What is D.I.

Dream Island is a nationwide innovative ideology and lifestyle characterized by a sensitiveness to beauty, love and passion for your work and an unbreakable faith in people and their talents.

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Małgorzata Łabanowska

A graduate of English Philology at the University of Warsaw and dress design at the International School of Costume and Costume Design.   Images and words have always been important in her life, which is why she best expresses herself through fashion and literature. He is currently working on the original project “Clothes Stories”.

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Maciej Stuhr

One of the most outstanding Polish actors among the young generation.

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Daniel Konieczny

A recognized coach, trainer, mentor and investor. He conducts trainings, workshops and online meetings.

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Jacek Walkiewicz

Psychologist, a member of the Association of Professional Speakers (www.mowcy.pl). He has been actively involved in the development of adult education for more than twenty years

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