Our story

In the beginning there was the idea...

We humans have infinite reserves of creativity. Deep in our hearts we desire to explore the unknown and create. Some follow their sensitivity and seek beauty by delving into art. Others dedicate their lives to science, hoping that their discoveries and inventions will change the world for the better. All of these people can contribute something special and unique to our daily lives if they receive the support of other visionaries – people like you.

Each of us can shape the reality around us

Change depends on you. Not everyone has the artistic talent or knowledge necessary to create solutions that will revolutionize our society, just as not everyone with above-average abilities has the time and conditions necessary to seize an opportunity. The Dream Island project aims to build a bridge between creators and connoisseurs of beauty interested in supporting unique initiatives.

We put in your hands a tool with which you can create the world of your dreams – a virtual “Dream Island”, where you will meet creators and artists who realize their extraordinary ideas in harmony with nature and their own hearts. The concept of our platform was born in the head of Dream Architect, who met and experienced the challenges of artists during his trip to Indonesia.


This keeps us engaged with your needs and creates new products. We create history with you and in front of the audience. Comment, vote and choose the best projects!

Dream Island is an international project. Created from dreams, passion and ideas. Discover with us the joy of creating unique things. Help build a common dream island from real actions with passion.

Join the Dream Island team and discover real talents with us. Bring your dreams, joy and smiles. Take on an extreme challenge. Experience with us a journey on the Dream Island map through thirteen precious values.

Look at the numbers

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Years of development

Dream Island has been around for many years, and you can become a part of it today.

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Products produced

Over the years, our artists and the brands we work with have produced many products that you can buy.

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Positive reviews

Each of our customers has taken away positive memories of our store and is eager to return again.

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Satisfied customers

We are becoming better known and our artists are reaching more and more people. We believe this is just the beginning.

Check out the products, handcrafted by the artists we work with, and become part of Dream Island.

Who are we?

Dream Island is an international ideo-lifestyle initiative characterized by sensitivity to beauty, passionate work and unwavering belief in people and their talent. It is a response to the growing market demand for creators and still undiscovered artists representing various fields of culture and art (clothing, handicrafts, film, music, jewelry, etc.).

Dream Island is a project where niche, unique and inspiring artists receive comprehensive support – content, business, marketing/sales – so that they can fulfill their dreams and enter the wide waters of the market. It’s also a platform through which an informed consumer looking for something unusual, unique and of the highest quality will always find something for themselves. It is Dream Island that gives outstanding creators and artists a chance to show their works to the world, while discerning consumers can consistently realize their dreams with unique products of impeccable quality. In addition, Dream Island also supports important social causes and foundations as part of its activities. This is how the “Make the world a better place” mission works!