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Trickboard is a board with a roller designed for sports training through play. Great for combining balance with coordination. It strengthens every joint and improves mobility. Intended for children, teenagers and adults.

Trickboard Classic All Season Thanks to the properties of the Trickboard you can:
The original Trickboard-board and roller have a German TUV safety certificate

perform an effective deep feeling training (proprioception), which allows you to increase control over your own body
train all muscle groups
perform training in a small area, e.g. in the living room at home
do unlimited exercises
have fun alone or with friends.

Trickboard Classic is a product tested with the participation of professional athletes who have confirmed the effectiveness of the board in motor training. Visual-spatial coordination and control of every part of the body are the key foundations of any sport, regardless of its nature. The set includes a board and a roller under it. The rollers are available in the following colors: black, red, yellow, orange and blue. The roller made of rubber leaves no marks on the parquet or other similar surfaces, and allows you to safely perform exercises without the risk of losing grip. Brakes on the underside of the board ensure greater safety of exercises. The board is covered with a non-slip surface from above. The trickboard can be used in shoes, socks or barefoot – if you prefer :).

Buy only original Trickboards with a hologram on the bottom! The original roller is made of rubber, which makes it 100% safe and allows you to perform exercises on slippery surfaces such as parquet, tiles, panels, etc.

Please select a roller color before purchasing.
FREE sticker set for each board!

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