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The women's one-piece Inflight Swimsuit is distinguished by a special and carefully refined construction, the cut of which guarantees delicate silhouette shaping. A characteristic and very attractive feature of this proposal is the deeply cut back, which the creator of this collection - Angelika Głaczkowska - wanted to expose! It's a definite combination of beach elegance and comfort of wearing!

The specially profiled form of the front is characterized by lining under the bust, ensuring its beautiful lift and positioning. The top is equipped and filled with (removable) inserts that provide shape and appropriate stability even during physical activity.

Inflight Swimsuit is made of the highest quality elastic fabric, which has the advantage of ergonomic fit.

Due to its perfect adhesion to the body, this fabric is practically imperceptible, provides high freedom of movement, behaves like a second skin, and at the same time slims the figure.

It has thermoactive properties, thanks to proper thermoregulation it prevents the body from overheating.

This fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and meets the requirements of LYCRA® SPORT technology.

It is breathable, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, dries quickly and consists of:

- 77% polyester, 23% elastane, grammage 300 gr/m2

The inner side is an additional polyamide lining ensuring even greater comfort and pleasure of wearing.

Two removable inserts from a leading Polish manufacturer have been added at the bust level.
Should be washed at max. temperature of 30 degrees, dry cleaning and drum drying are not possible.

Patterns characteristic of the brand emphasize the colorfulness and personality of the owner of this one-piece swimsuit model.  

Original colors, appropriately graphically arranged and optically slimming patterns refer to the shades of the summer sky at different times of the day (also observed from the windows of the plane during flight/'inflight') and resemble the colors of the sea, lake, ocean where you spend your dream vacation!  NOTE: these patterns stand out and attract attention ;)

There is a logo at the height of the buttocks.

As you can see in the attached pictures - one-piece suits and bikinis can be combined with other brand offers, creating unique sets.

According to the assumption of supporting local businesses - all our proposals are created in selected Polish printing houses (printing material using the sublimation method), sewing workshops, and accessories (inserts) are purchased from leading domestic producers.

The initial batch is made to order, supporting the assumptions of eco and 'zero waste' production

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