Skimboard PAKALOLO Faraon L/XL


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PAKALOLO Pharaoh L/XL skimboard

Pakalolo Skimboard Technology System TSC:


This technology allows you to perform tricks in both directions while maintaining speed.

Symmetric Rocker – the board has a symmetrical profile that gives the board the right elasticity and high pop.

Concave Wave Technology:
This is the technology of raising the side boards of the board. It allows you to steer the board on the wave as well as in deep water.

Concave makes it easy to rotate around its own axis by 360 degrees without cutting the board into the water.

Smooth Rail – the edge of the bottom of the board is gently rounded, minimizing resistance to jibbing and extending the life of the edge of the board.

Transparent Grip – Pakalolo’s special iconic non-slip design on the deck provides maximum grip, just like on a skateboard.

The wood used is selected plywood made of 100% beech wood.

Twintip L/XL is a model for teenagers and adults, which enables rapid progress for beginner riders weighing over 45 kg.

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