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Black bag

↠ the outer side of the bag is made of a smooth and pleasant to the touch terry velor side, while the inside is made of linen, which is not only a very durable fabric, but is also environmentally friendly

↠ Ananice bag is the perfect accessory for the beach, training and basically everywhere every day

↠ and of course it’s not a coincidence that it goes well with a black poncho sweatshirt, tank top and t-shirt

Composition: outer side: 100% cotton, inner side: 100% linen


↠ terry cloth from Turkey, dyed with GOTS certificate in Poland, linen from Poland

↠ embroidered ecru pineapple

↠ zippered pocket inside – 70% zipper made of recycled materials

↠ cotton strings

↠ Ananice patch

↠ cotton tag on the side of the bag

↠ sewn in Poland


↠ machine wash at max 30°C, inside out

Please remember that this is a natural material, so take care of it as recommended and respect it ☺

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